10 Steps to a Successful Law School Application

10 Steps Law School Application ClassWant practical, easy-to-follow tips for successfully applying to law school?

Then sign up for my online class: 10 Steps to a Successful Law School Application and learn how to put together your best application for law school starting TODAY.

This class is taught by yours truly–law school admissions expert Peg Cheng–via a mix of videos, exercises, and short readings.

Here are the 10 steps we’ll cover.

  • Step 1: Understand the application timeline
  • Step 2: Register for the LSAT
  • Step 3: Study for the LSAT
  • Step 4: Register with the CAS
  • Step 5: Write your resume
  • Step 6: Secure letters of recommendation
  • Step 7: Write your personal statement (and other essays)
  • Step 8: Apply to a variety of law schools
  • Step 9: Thank the people who helped you
  • Step 10: Complete the FAFSA

You’ll come away from this class feeling informed, confident and ready to apply to law school when the time is right for you.

Not only that but you also get the chance to have your questions answered by me in an online forum.

Here’s what some students thought of the class:

Peg, I am so grateful for your time and the resources that you shared. This course was amazingly informative and concise. THANK YOU! — Robin

Ms. Cheng, thanks a lot. I really mean that. Now I really have a clear understanding about how to apply for law school and when is the best time for me to do so. Thanks! You Rock! — Yessebel

Ms. Cheng, thank you for this excellent primer on the law school application process. In addition to the thorough course content, I especially appreciated your personal responses to my postings and questions. Your tone of frankness, mixed with encouragement, strikes a balance that I will remember as I work toward a successful law school application. — Mark

Your class was extremely informative. I have a much better perspective of the application process. Thank you for all your help. — Bisrat

Peg, your direct advice was wonderful! You are very motivating and encouraging! I feel even more confident now in my application process and I am so looking forward to getting accepted this application cycle. — Carolina

Thank you! This was a journey that I had to take in order for me to better understand the application process. I really appreciate the time you took to teach us prelaw students the steps to an organized and strong application for law school. — Elma

Thank you so much, Ms. Cheng, for putting together this course and offering so many helpful tips and advice. Since I have taken this class, I now have a much clearer path to law school! Thank you for helping me get on the right path! — Kayla

A little appreciation goes a VERY long way. Thank you very much! You couldn’t have made this any easier to understand! Thank you! — Leeandra

For one low fee, you get 24-7 access to all 10 class lessons, as well as your questions answered online by yours truly, a law school admissions expert with more than 10 years of experience.

You get all this for $15. That’s right. Just $15.

Why is the price so low?

Because I am a die-hard public servant (albeit one who owns a private company) and I am a big believer that good, accurate and helpful prelaw advice should be accessible and affordable.

I’ve worked hard to download my prelaw brain into this class. It’s got tons of advice that I give to my clients every day–the kind of advice that makes a difference when it comes to being admitted into great law schools. You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else.

Sound good? Then, sign up TODAY! I look forward to seeing you in class.

January 1, 2015 Update: This class is no longer available.