Meet the Admissions Sherpa Dan Brooks

Dan-Brooks-Law-SherpaThis week, I interviewed Dan Brooks, Founder of The Admissions Sherpa, over email about his comprehensive and affordable admissions consulting services for law school applicants.

Q: What motivated you to create The Admissions Sherpa?

A: Almost no applicant understands the full scope of law school admissions until it is too late to use this knowledge. I repeatedly heard from many of my friends and acquaintances that they had no specific strategy for applying to law school. I started The Admissions Sherpa because I realized there was a need for applicants to know the unique intricacies of law school applications before applying.

Q: I hear you on that. Was there anything else that caused you to start your company?

A: Well, I also realized the need for professional consulting at affordable prices. So, my partner David Rosenthal and I set out to make our consulting services through The Admissions Sherpa more accessible to everyone.

Q: That’s great. Speaking of which, what kinds of law school admissions services do you provide and how much do they cost?

A: David and I do it all from start to finish, and everything in between. We believe consulting should be highly personalized, and not everyone fits into a generic package. But to make things easier, we have three packages as starting points.

Writing Pack: $375
– Personal Statement planning and review
– Review/edit additional addenda (C&F, diversity statement, school specific essays)

Post-Application Pack: $450
– School visit prep
– Wait list strategies
– Scholarship considerations
– Law school selection

Full Service Pack: $975
– LSAT advice and strategy
– Requesting letters of recommendation
– Resume editing
– Personal Statement planning and review
– Review/edit additional addenda (C&F, diversity statement, school specific essays)
– Overall application support
– Interview/school visit prep
– Wait list strategies
– Scholarship considerations
– Law school selection

Q: Your packages are very affordable. Great to see that! Are there specific kinds of students that you most enjoy working with?

A: One of the most satisfying parts of my experience with The Admissions Sherpa is that I’ve helped all different kinds of applicants. No two people are alike and I truly enjoy the process of developing precise strategies for my clients based on an understanding of their unique personal goals.

I’ve helped applicants who were focused on law school for their entire academic career and set on the T14, and others who are seeking admission at regional schools. I’ve even helped those who are unsure what they want out of the process, and have given those clients a better understanding of their options. It’s highly rewarding to ensure each applicant is able to make the best decision for their unique needs and goals.

Q: Why should I hire you over other admissions consultants?

A: Value, commitment, and experience.

The value of working with an admissions consultant like me or David lies in the personal attention we give to every client. There is a wealth of free admissions knowledge available online but nothing compares to a specific plan of action developed for your situation.

We are committed to you every step of the way. We invest heavily in our clients, and are equally as committed to your goals as you are. We welcome our clients to call or email us for any reason, at any time.

Lastly, David and I have both recently been through the application process ourselves, and have consultants currently sitting on admissions committees at Tier 1 schools. Along with the timeliness of our experience, we understand what it’s like to be studying for the LSAT and applying to law school as a student, recent grad, or full-time employee.

Q: Do you have a personal philosophy about how you work with students?

A: Every student is different. My personal philosophy is to listen closely to each of my client’s unique needs and personal goals. What works for one applicant might not be the best course of action for another. I want to know my clients beyond the metrics and provide insight which will allow them to make the best decisions for their entire career.

Q: Anything else you want us to know?

A: David and I have chosen to focus on law school admissions because it’s what we know best and love to do. We don’t stretch ourselves too thinly by working with a broad population applying to all sorts of programs and schools. If it’s law school you’re applying for, we have you covered.

Q: If I’m interested in learning more about working with you, what should I do?

A: Contact us! We are excited to hear from you and discuss your goals with absolutely no strings attached. Even if you’ve just started college and won’t be applying to law school for some time, we’d love to meet you and provide any guidance we can.

You can find us at, follow us @LawSherpa or on Facebook, or email us at

Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions, Dan! It’s great to learn that you and David offer comprehensive and affordable admissions consulting for all kinds of prelaw students. Readers, if you want your own personal prelaw adviser to help you through the admissions process, definitely check out The Admissions Sherpa.