Something to Think About After Taking the LSAT

Faith-in-what-will-beAfter taking the LSAT, take some time to let this quote by Sonia Ricotti sink in. It’s a great one. Let’s break it down in post-LSAT terms.

Surrender to what is.

If you did your best on the LSAT and feel good about your performance, congratulate yourself and feel good about what you accomplished. Dedicate the next 48 hours to bask in your achievement and do some nice things for yourself!

If you don’t feel good about your performance on the LSAT, you should still congratulate yourself. Taking the LSAT is a hard thing to do and YOU DID IT. Use the next 48 hours to eat well, get good sleep, and practice self-care.

Let go of what was.

Whether you feel you did well or didn’t do well on the LSAT, let go of it. It’s over. You survived.

After 48-hours of celebration and/or self-care time, it’s time to look forward and move on.

Have faith in what will be.

If you feel good about the test, you can now move ahead with your law school applications and have faith that your score will be representative of your potential.

If you don’t feel good about the test, have faith that in time you can improve your test-taking skills. You may think you don’t have time, but you do. As long as you’re alive, time is the one precious gift that you have.

For those of you debating whether you should cancel your score or take the LSAT again, read this post and this post. Both contain helpful tips from the smart folks at PowerScore.

How do you feel after taking the LSAT? Have some questions? Need to rant or rave? Post your thoughts below and I’ll respond.