Should You Apply to Law School During the Holiday Season?

Whether you should apply to law school during the holiday season all depends on whether you have the LSAT score you need to apply to law school.

If you have the LSAT score you want to use for your application, then YES, you should apply over the next two weeks.

While many law school admissions officers will be on vacation during this time, you should still apply. Down that egg nog and get cracking! Fill out your law school application (check it twice!), write your essays and resume (and rewrite them!), and get your applications ready to submit as soon as they are as close to perfect as possible. When the admissions team comes back from vacation in early January, they will dive into the pile of applications waiting for them and yours will be in the stack. This is a good thing.

If you do not have the LSAT score you want to use for your application (for example, you are waiting for your December LSAT score to arrive in early January) then the answer is NO, you should NOT apply to law school during the holiday season.

In this case, you want to work hard on getting your applications ready during these last two weeks of December. Finish your yule log or your last bite of latkes and get to work! Revise, revise, revise and finish all your application materials by January 1st. Then, once the scores are released–hopefully on January 2nd–assess your list of schools and decide if you want to add more or take some off. Over the next week or two, tailor your materials carefully to the application directions for your final list of schools. Apply by January 15th. Don’t worry–it’s not too late.

Work hard this holiday season and you will reap the rewards in the New Year.

Happy Festivus, everyone!

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