$24 OFF My Personal Statement Class


Get $24 OFF my Write Your Personal Statement in 7 Days online class starting now until Sunday!

As a token of my gratitude to all my prelaw students, past and present, I like to offer a discount on this class every year during Thanksgiving weekend.

This is a once-a-year deal!

You won’t find a better deal for an online personal statement class designed specifically for law school applicants.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my past students say:

I was surprised how eye opening the 49 stories exercise was. I helped me categorize and chronologically reflect on a 20 year past of jumbled memories. — Anna

Completing the 49 stories made me discover that I am a lot more interesting than I presumed to be. Thanks to this class I feel I wrote a concise and clear personal statement. Peg rocks and all her tips are awesome! Put in the work, you won’t be disappointed.  — Daniela

Peg, I have just finished Lesson 1 and I have to hand it to you, these writing exercises have been a good, and certainly cathartic, exercise. At the present time I am feeling good and very hopeful! — Aidan

Peg, I’m sending you a huge virtual hug right now! Thank you for being with me cheering me on every step of the way and for motivating me to have the courage to write about something I was afraid to write because I was worried about what others would think. — Gopika

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is having difficulty getting started with their personal statement. The guidelines and tips Peg provides throughout the 7 days are invaluable. — Adela

The 49 Stories was a fun exercise and I feel that I’m going to have some great material moving forward. — Patrick

Peg, I want to let you know that this course is really helpful so far. To be honest, I had some doubts with taking online courses, until I decided to give it a try after hearing such great things about you from Jane. I’m on my sixth day, and I’m almost done with my draft. As you said, it has been an encouraging process. — Alice

Wow, I am so happy I took this course. My previous law school application looks elementary compared to the refined personal statement I have recently drafted.  — Carolina

This sale ends at 9:00 PM PST (Midnight EST) on Sunday, November 29, 2015.

Again, don’t miss this once-a-year deal.

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