My Last Piece of Advice


It’s bittersweet closing down my business today. I’m excited for the adventures ahead of me, but sad to leave a profession where I got to help so many good people. Despite all this, it feels right to move on.

I’m grateful for all the people I’ve met and everything that I’ve learned over the past 18 years working in higher education student services. My mind has been blown away by so many of my students’ remarkable stories, diverse experiences, difficult challenges, hopeful dreams, and sincerity for wanting to help people. It’s something I’ve witnessed over and over again, and it’s what kept me going through it all, good days and bad.

Thinking back on all these years, I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of the last piece of advice I can give you as a professional adviser. There are so many pieces of advice I want to pass on, but here’s what I’ve chosen for today.




You don’t have to believe in yourself.

In fact, I think believing in yourself is overrated. It helps, but it’s not necessary. So much of my life has been mired in fear and self-doubt. Still, I managed to create a great life for myself and you can too. I’m not smarter than you. I’m not more brave than you. I’m just a regular person trying to live my best life. I’ve learned that fear and self-doubt don’t go away once you achieve success. They’re always there. But I’ve also learned they’re not meant to be malignant. They’re there to constantly ask you, is this what you really want?

You don’t have to know what you’re doing.

As Socrates said, “I know one thing: I know nothing.” You don’t have to know anything initially–you just have to know what you really want. Read, research, ask people for help. Try, experiment, fail, try again. I had no idea how to run a business when I quit my job at the University of Washington in 2010 and hung out my shingle as a private prelaw adviser. But every day I read, researched, experimented, asked others for help, and over the course of six years, I built a successful and nationally known law school admissions consulting business. I’m not special. I’m not smarter than you. I was just willing to try, try, try, and to learn from my mistakes.

Take it one step at a time.

There’s no such thing as an overnight success. People like to believe there is, but there isn’t. Behind every “overnight success” is a student who studied slowly and thoroughly for 16 years, a guitarist who practiced 40 hours a week for 15 years, an artist who drew every day after school and after work for 20 years, and so many more people like them who were willing to put in the time. Celebrate your wins, no matter how small. Learn from your mistakes, no matter how small. And most of all, keep moving forward one step at a time toward what you really want.

Find at least one person who will cheer you on.

People always say, “If you want to reach your goals, surround yourself with supportive, positive people.” What world do these people live in? Yes, in an ideal world, that would be wonderful. But that’s not always possible. Sometimes the people closest to you (parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, partner, friends, etc.) are the ones most afraid of you changing and going towards what you really want. It sure is nice to have a ton of people cheering you on, but if you don’t have that, it’s okay. You just need one person, one other voice besides your own saying, you can do this, keep going.

So, before I sign off, let me repeat myself.




Thank you for reading. Thank you for teaching me so much. It’s been a blast, y’all. Prelaw Guru OUT.

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Join My Bodacious Books Team!


On Monday, I announced that I’m closing Prelaw Guru in July to become a full-time writer of fiction and nonfiction.

For my nonfiction, I’m focusing on books that help college students with money, decision making, job hunting, career exploration, life issues, and more.

piles-of-moneyThe first book I’m working on is a personal finance book for college students.


A lot of work goes into successfully launching a book, let alone a whole series. I know I can’t do it alone. I need your help!

I’m inviting you to become a member of my Bodacious Books Team.

Why bodacious? Because I’m looking for people who are both bold and audacious. Brave in action. That’s what I’m looking for.


If you join my Bodacious Books Team, here’s what you’ll get:

  1. A FREE electronic copy of my books.
  2. Entry into a drawing to win a free, autographed copy of the paper version of my book. For each launch, I’m giving away 10 paper copies.
  3. Emails from me asking for your feedback on book ideas, title ideas, etc. Don’t worry, I won’t bother you too much. At the most, I’ll send one email per month.
  4. Any free swag that may come with the publication of my book.
  5. My undying gratitude!


As part of the Bodacious Books Team, I ask that you agree to:

  1. Read my new book within 14 days of receiving it.
  2. Review it at and any other sites that you like (Apple, B&N, Goodreads).
  3. Spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, your blog, telling friends, etc.
  4. Email me feedback in response to my questions. I welcome your comments!

Also, when I say, “review it on,” I do mean, give it an honest review. Just because you’re a member of the team doesn’t mean you have to give it 5 stars. Be honest. Be constructive. That’s all I expect.

Please take your spot on the team seriously.

Please DO NOT apply unless you have the time and energy to commit.


  • You’re a college student, college graduate, have kids in college, or work at a college.
  • You enjoy reading and giving honest and constructive feedback on what you read.
  • You’re interested in books aimed at helping college students.
  • You’re willing to respond to my emails about once a month.
  • You have a Twitter account.

Sound like you?

Great! I hope you’ll join my team.


To apply…

Applications are now CLOSED.

I’m excited to embark on this new adventure of being a full-time writer. I hope you’ll come on this adventure with me. Join my Bodacious Books Team today!


What’s Next for Prelaw Guru


Barn’s burnt down–
I can see the moon.

— Mizuta Masahide

When I first read that poem many years ago, I wasn’t sure what it meant.

Over time, its meaning sunk in.

To me, it means that even after losing something significant, there can still be something beautiful gained from that loss.

This poem is especially poignant for me now as I look back on my 18 years of working in higher education.

I thought that when I stopped working with clients in January, that I’d have plenty of time to work on my writing career and answer prelaw questions through Twitter, the Prelaw Guru Blog, and my personal statement class. But over the last four months, I’ve realized that writing is what I want to do. Full time.

I’m excited to become a fiction and nonfiction author. Last year, I published a middle-grade novel called The Contenders. This year, I’m writing a suspense novel for adults. I’m also writing a proposal for a personal finance book for college students.

It’s bittersweet to close down Prelaw Guru but the time feels right.

Last day to ask me prelaw and law school admissions questions via Twitter and the Prelaw Guru Blog is Friday, July 1, 2016.

Last day to sign up for my Write Your Personal Statement in 7 Days online class is Monday, July 11, 2016. I’ve reduced the price by 50% and it’s now just $49! If you’re wondering what you’re going to write for your personal statement and it’s causing you stress, don’t wait another minute. Register NOW.

I’m grateful for the time we had together. I hope I’ve made your path easier, less stressful, and more empowering. If I have, then I’ve done my job.

I’ve burnt down the barn, but I’m taking away with me the moon.



Personal Statement Class SALE: 50% OFF!

Sale_signFrom now through July 11, 2016, my Write Your Personal Statement in 7 Days online class is 50% OFF!

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Wow, I am so happy I took this course. My previous law school application looks elementary compared to the refined personal statement I have recently drafted.  — Carolina

Peg, I wanted to say thank you. I know I am not done with your course yet, but you have been extremely helpful so far. I appreciate you so very, very much. So thank you for doing this and for being you! — Leslie Anne

I was surprised how eye opening the 49 stories exercise was. I helped me categorize and chronologically reflect on a 20 year past of jumbled memories. — Anna

Peg, I have just finished Lesson 1 and I have to hand it to you, these writing exercises have been a good, and certainly cathartic, exercise. At the present time I am feeling good and very hopeful! — Aidan

Completing the 49 stories made me discover that I am a lot more interesting than I presumed to be. Thanks to this class I feel I wrote a concise and clear personal statement. Peg rocks and all her tips are awesome! Put in the work, you won’t be disappointed.  — Daniela

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After July 11, 2016, I will no longer offer this class. But, it will still exist for the students who have registered. As long as the class hosting service Ruzuku exists, you can visit this class and its lessons forever on.

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Sale sign by Martin Abegglen.

Big Changes for Prelaw Guru

Maya-angelou-love-what-you-doI love talking to people about their goals and dreams.

I love helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

And, I love teaching people how to tell their personal stories in order to achieve their goals and dreams.

But after 16 years of working in direct student services (four years in career counseling and 12 in prelaw advising), and despite loving my work, and all the interesting, intelligent, funny, kind people I’ve been blessed to work with, I realize that it’s time for a change.

Sometimes you have to give up what you love, to do something else that you love.

I want to be a full-time writer. An author-expert. An authorpreneur.

I want to write non-fiction for pre-lawyers, and fiction for the masses.

To have the time to do this, I will no longer offer law school admissions consulting services to new clients starting in 2016. Some of you will be shocked or sad to hear this. I’m sorry. Truly. It’s taken me a year to wrap my head around it too.

But, there’s GOOD news. By becoming a full-time author-expert, I can actually help more people. When I was a prelaw adviser and consultant, I worked with less than 1% of the population applying to law school–all wonderful people but I always racked my brains over how I could help more people. Now, with my new mission, I can spend more time helping the other 99% that may never have the chance to work with a prelaw adviser or consultant.


Follow and tweet me @prelawguru. I love connecting with my followers! Tweet me your quick prelaw and law school admissions questions and I’ll tweet back as soon as I can. If it’s a bit long, I recommend that you ask your question using Way #2 instead (see below).

Post your prelaw and law school admissions questions on the Prelaw Guru Blog. Find a post that corresponds with your question, and post your question at the bottom of the post. I will respond as soon as I can. NOTE: I no longer answer questions by email or phone. All questions will be answered publicly on my blog in order to help more readers learn from our Q&A.

For more detailed tips than my tweets or blog can provide, read my No B.S. Guides. I’ve just dropped the price of each guide from $5.99 to just $2.99! Not free, but dang close. No fluff, no filler–just concise advice for creating a stellar law school application.

Take my online class, Write Your Personal Statement in 7 Days. I answer questions posted in the class and give feedback on students’ Top 5 topic ideas. Also, you probably don’t know this, but once you register for the class, you will have access to it forever. Yes, FOREVER. Pretty awesome, huh?

While I’m finishing up with my current clients in January, there will be no new blog posts. But they will roll out once more in February. Subscribe using the box below or on the right to have posts sent right to your inbox.

In the meantime, follow @prelawguru for prelaw and law school news, views, and inspiring quotes.

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I hope you have a happy and peaceful holiday season. May 2016 be full of insights and discoveries for all of us!