An Introduction to How I Compare, a FREE Service for Prelaw Students

How I Compare logoRecently, I had the opportunity to chat with Hayden Trepeck, Co-Founder of How I Compare, to learn more about his free service that helps prelaw students choose law schools. Hayden did an online demo of the service for me and it looked like something many of you would find helpful. Here’s what I found out.

Q: What exactly is How I Compare?

A: How I Compare (HIC) is a FREE online resource and community for students interested in going to law school.

Q: Why should I use it?

A: Our motto is “Discover Which Law Schools are in Your Future!

We are a one-stop resource helping pre-law students with the admissions process to law school. Our site has a Real Time algorithm that generates a unique list of law schools where students have a high likelihood of being accepted (called your H.I.C. List).

All 200+ U.S. law schools have a unique profile on where you can view detailed research and information about the school, see who is receiving scholarship opportunities, and compare yourself to other students (including students who are interested in, accepted to, rejected from, or waitlisted at a particular law school).

Also, using your unique How I Compare profile, you can keep track of each application to be sure you are keeping up with everything for the admissions process.

We also have a 100% FREE LSAT Prep Course available in partnership with Casebriefs. After you complete your profile, click the “Law School Prep” tab on the menu bar and select “LSAT Prep Course.” One of the nation’s top LSAT test-takers teaches the course, and he is an expert in LSAT Prep. The course is made up of 72 online video lectures and comes with a PDF workbook.

Q: How does your system calculate my chances of getting into a law school?

A: Our proprietary algorithm is based on each individual student’s academic and personal profile. As you update your profile, and as other students on the site update their profile, your list of schools will continue to update.

Q: What information do I need to give to get started?

A: Just visit and create your free account on the homepage. The registration form asks you for your Name, Email, Username, and Password, as well as your Undergraduate School, LSAT Score, and GPA.

If you have not yet taken the LSAT, you can use a practice LSAT Score or just input one to get started. You can also adjust your LSAT and/or GPA up or down to get an idea of what schools you may be accepted to based on your changes.

NOTE: It is important to fully complete your profile.

It takes most students only 3-5 minutes to do this. A complete profile ensures that the site is working to the best of its ability for your ultimate benefit. Remember, law schools look for a wide range of students. Completing your profile in full, and being completely truthful in your answers, is essential for schools to be able to identify candidates for admission and/or scholarships.

Q: Who is my personal information shared with?

A: Your Name, Email, and personal contact information will never be shared with any other student on the site. Every profile on the site uses a unique username, and your username is how you are identified on the site.

We have relationships with many law schools across the country and they do have the ability to view your profile. This is a tremendous benefit as students have the ability to learn about admissions and scholarship opportunities from schools they may not have considered or known about before.

Q: If How I Compare is FREE for me to use, how do you actually make money?

A: We have relationships with law schools across the country that advertise their programs on our site and offer How I Compare members unique opportunities, program information, admissions, scholarships, and more.

Thank you, Hayden, for taking the time to share with us the benefits of How I Compare. If you have any questions, please use the “Contact Us” form on to reach out to Hayden and his team. Good luck, everyone, with choosing your schools!