Doug’s Review of Law Preview

LawPreviewAre you anxious about starting law school?

Want an inside view of what it will take to succeed?

Want to know how to write briefs, outline, and study for law classes?

You’re in luck. There’s actually a course that covers all these topics and more.

Law Preview is a week-long, intensive summer prep course taught by law professors on what to expect and how to succeed in law school.

In this episode of the Prelaw Guru Blog Podcast, I chat with my client Doug about what he thought of the Law Preview course that he attended a few weeks ago.

I wanted to interview Doug because I trust his opinion and value his perspective. Doug and I met while I was working as the Prelaw Coordinator at the University of Washington (UW). We were assigned to work on the same team to orient UW freshmen back in 2007 (can’t believe it’s already been seven years!) and we’ve been close ever since. I knew he would pull no punches.

In this podcast, you’ll learn the following from Doug.

  • How did you hear about Law Preview?
  • What made you decide to take the course?
  • Where did you take it?
  • How was the course structured?
  • Who taught the course?
  • Benefits of being in the course?
  • Anything missing that you wish had been included?
  • Would you recommend Law Preview to other students?

Listen now to Doug’s evaluation of Law Preview!

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