Do You Need Online Evaluations for Your Law School Application?

checklistWe all know that you need letters of recommendations (LORs) to apply to law school, but do you really need online evaluations too?

LSAC started online evaluations in 2010 to complement LORs and to try to provide law school admissions committees with more relevant information about each candidate.

Since 2010, I’ve talked to a number of admissions officers about evaluations and the majority have said they would rather have well-written LORs than evaluations.

The reason many admissions officers said this is because many recommenders did not write anything on the evaluation; they just ranked the applicant in response to the questions (i.e., Below Average, Average, Good, Very Good, Excellent, etc.). Thus, many admissions officers find evaluations to be less helpful than a LOR.

If your law school requires an evaluation, ask two of your recommenders to write a LOR and the third to fill out the online evaluation.

If the school wants two evaluations, then you will need to ask a fourth recommender to complete that second evaluation.

No matter how many evaluations you ask for, make sure to ask your recommenders to write about your strengths and attributes in the evaluation.

Have questions or comments about online evaluations? I’m here to help. Post your thoughts below and I’ll respond.

2 thoughts on “Do You Need Online Evaluations for Your Law School Application?

  1. Hi there,

    Just a quick question for evaluations and LORs I already have on my file: if I have 3 evaluations and 3 LORs filled out and have them in my LSAC account from February 2015 and I plan on applying later this year, do you believe I need to/I should be adding more evaluations and LORs to my file?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Thanks for writing in, Asad. You have what you need. No need to add more. Great work on getting all your LORs and evaluations!

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