Writing a Law School Personal Statement When You Think You’re Boring

What do you do if you think you have a boring life and you have to write your personal statement for law school?

First of all, you should not think you have a boring life.

I’ve interviewed hundreds, really thousands, of people who are applying to law school and people always say, “I have a boring life.”

Or “I have nothing to write about.”

Or “My life is so ‘normal.’ ”

But after we talk for a little while and I start asking them questions about their lives, we always uncover the most remarkable things about their lives: about how they grew up, about what shaped them, about what lessons they learned in life.

And we always find great things for their personal statement.

So don’t think that your life is boring.

Everybody’s got an interesting inner life. And that’s what the law schools are looking for.

What point of view are you bringing to this world?

What’s perspective do you have?

What’s the inner life that you have?

And how can you show that in a story?

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