How the LSAT Mastermind Group Can Help You

joshua-cravenThis week, I interviewed Josh Craven of over email about the LSAT Mastermind Group, a resource for LSAT self-studiers, that he runs with Evan Jones.

Q: What is the LSAT Mastermind Study Group?

A: The LSAT Mastermind Group (MMG) provides extra support to self-studiers to help them stay on track with their LSAT study goals.

Members get unlimited, lifetime access to expert coaching from me and Evan Jones (99th percentile scorers), lifetime access to over 150 premium lessons in our custom-made course, webinars, and live office hours (Q+A sessions that also feature a lesson on a key topic) each week.

Also, members can access their own private forum where they can discuss the LSAT with other Masterminds, ask for help, assist other members, and receive direct feedback from me and Evan all in a supportive, friendly, 100% troll-free environment.

Q: What else do members get?

A: You also get access to web versions of our LSAT study schedules that directly link to each lesson, an invitation to weekly live Preptest Reviews (see how a 99th% LSAT scorer approaches test questions in real time), and ALL of our study schedules (a $100 value).

Q: What do you consider to be the best thing about the MMG?

A: According to our members, one of the biggest benefits of being in the MMG is that you can ask any question and request an explanation for any problem, and we are there to answer. It’s like having an LSAT tutor at your beck and call.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: $199.

Q: Who are you and why should my readers trust you?

A: Evan and I met during our 1L year of law school at the University of Chicago. After graduating, we decided we weren’t all that into the practice of law, but we both had a passion for the LSAT and helping people prep the right way for the test, and so was created.

John-and-Evan-LawSchooliI know this sounds strange, but the LSAT is a very impressive test. It makes the other standardized tests seem easy. We both managed to achieve a high score on the LSAT. I got a 177, a 99.8th percentile score. Evan got a 173, a 99th percentile score. However, we both put in a lot of hard work to get there.

I attacked the LSAT in a more organized and methodical way than I had done with anything up until then (or frankly, anything since). Still, it was a pain doing it because I had to wade through a sea of junk information before I could find a consensus on legitimate strategies for prepping.

I didn’t know how long I might need to study, which techniques were considered the best, or the million other little tips that can come in handy. To figure it out, I had to listen to 10,000 trolls on the forums. I also ended up just buying every resource that was out there. It was expensive and most of it turned out to be garbage that just ended up in the trash.

Evan and I created and the MMG so that you wouldn’t have to go through all of that. We stay up on developments on the LSAT and all our advice is either what worked for us, or something we have carefully examined. Evan is also a former LSAT tutor and classroom instructor, so he brings all that experience to the table.

Q: How many people are in the group? Does it get “crowded” during the webinars with too many people asking questions?

A: We make sure crowding is never an issue. Typically 25-30 MMG members come to each session. We won’t end a session until all of the questions are answered.

Q: Anything else coming down the pike?

A: Yes, we recently opened up an alumni section so our Masterminds can continue to share their law school experiences with each other, and help some of our members that are just starting on their LSAT and law school journeys.

Q: Do you really get lifetime access?

A: Yes, you do! We really want our members to think of the MMG as their first professional law networking group. You pay a one-time fee and receive access to all of our schedules, boards, and more.

Q: How do you sign up?

Click here!

Thanks for all this information on the LSAT Mastermind Group, Josh. It sounds like an awesome, affordable resource for self-studiers. I love that you just pay once and you get lifetime access. If you’re self studying for the LSAT, definitely check out the MMG.