No B.S. Guides now on Amazon and B&N!

No-BS-3-coversI’m pleased to announce that my No B.S. Guides for applying to law school launched this week on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

In just five days, The No B.S. Guide to the Law School Application Timeline already has 27 reviews on Amazon. Wow! The No B.S. Guide to the Law School Resume and The No B.S. Guide to the Law School Addendum aren’t far behind with 26 reviews each. And more reviews are rolling in every day.

I’m thrilled with all the positive reviews. It makes me feel so great to know that people are finding my guides helpful, informative and enjoyable as well.

Here’s one review that cracked me up.

I think Peg works for the NSA. She seems to know (or have anticipated) all of the problems, concerns or issues that arise when prospective law students are confronted with having to reduce their lives to a resume. Every “off plumb” character trait (that I can imagine) that needs accounting for in a resume is addressed in a concise 50 some pages. Oh, and even “normal” people can get good resume ideas as well.
— Paul Pavlich
Prelaw Advisor and Assistant Professor of History & Political Science
Southern Oregon University

I’m incredibly grateful to my No B.S. Book Launch Team for all their help, support and feedback. I’ll be thanking all the members more specifically in a later post but for now, I want to give a big shout-out to all the No-BS Launchers. Thanks, everyone!