Join my No B.S. Book Launch Team!

The No B.S. Guides to applying to law schoolLast year, I wrote and published three law school application books:

  • The No B.S. Guide to the Law School Application Timeline
  • The No B.S. Guide to the Law School Resume
  • The No B.S. Guide to the Law School Addendum

I sold these books on the Prelaw Guru website and they were bought by pre-lawyers in 14 states and two countries. I was thrilled with this!

A year later, I’ve decided it’s time to take the No B.S. Guides to a more national (and international) level by selling them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Apple Store.


A lot of work goes into successfully launching a book, let alone three. I know I can’t do it alone. I need your help.


If you sign up to join the No B.S. Launch Team, here’s what you’ll get for your time:

  1. A FREE electronic copy (PDF) of any of the three books (choose one, two or all three).
  2. A special mention on my blog with a link to your Twitter or website.
  3. Exclusive members-only access to a FREE 1-hour group teleconference in July where you can ask me any and all law school application questions.


As part of the No B.S. Launch Team, I ask that you agree to:

  1. Read the book(s) and review them online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and/or the Apple Store during the week of July 14 – 20, 2014.
  2. Spread the word any way you can during the week of July 14, 2014 (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, your blog, your web site, etc.).
  3. Share any and all promotion ideas. I welcome your suggestions.

Please take your spot on the launch team seriously. Do not apply unless you have the time and energy to help get the word out.


I want to keep the reviews of my books as relevant to the prelaw community as possible; therefore priority will be given to prelaw students, law school applicants, prelaw advisers, law school staff and faculty, law school students, lawyers, LSAT prep teachers and tutors, prelaw consultants and prelaw bloggers.


To apply, simply fill out this contact form with your

  • Name and email
  • Who you are (e.g., prelaw student, prelaw adviser, LSAT teacher, etc.)
  • Which books you’d like (choose one, two or all three).

Applications are now closed. Thanks, everyone, for your interest!