Should You Take the September 2014 LSAT?

The September 2014 LSAT is just around the corner.

You’ve been studying for months but you’re still not sure if you should take it.

No worries. I have a simple answer for this.


You know you’re ready to take the LSAT when you are hitting above the score you want by 2–3 points, four or more consecutive times leading up to test day.

Why? Because invariably your score will go down a few points due to nerves on test day.

For example, let’s say you want to score a 163 on the LSAT. That means your last four or more timed practice tests should be scoring in the 165-166 range. If you are consistently scoring at 165-166 prior to test day, you will very likely hit a 163 on your actual test day.

In my 10+ years of advising law school applicants, I know of only a few people who scored better on test day than on their practice tests. If you are not hitting above the score you want on your last few practice tests, you are not ready to take the LSAT.

If you are not hitting your preferred range, it is best to postpone the test. Visit LSAC to learn how to change your test date or withdraw your test registration.

Don’t lose heart if you have to postpone. In this day and age of declining numbers of law school applications, the December LSAT is still a very good and viable option.

Are you ready to take the September LSAT? Ready to play centerfield as John Fogerty says? Or is a different reality hitting you right now? I’d love to hear from you! I’m here to help. Post your questions below and I’ll respond.