Book Review: “Three Degrees of Law” by Harlan York

Three-Degrees-of-LawAfter being a prelaw adviser for 12 years, I get the following question a lot.

“Do you have any books you’d recommend to someone who is thinking of going to law school?”

Now, I finally have my answer.

Three Degrees of Law by Harlan York should be read by every person thinking about becoming a lawyer.

Yes, I truly believe that.

I’ve read a lot of dry, boring books about law school and lawyering that drone on and on. Because of this, I don’t often look forward to reading prelaw guides or books about the legal profession. But this book was different.

I read it in two hours and am getting ready to read it again–yes, it’s that good. This book is a fast, insightful, informative, and motivational read that reveals all kinds of helpful tips for exploring the legal profession, what it’s like to be a lawyer, and how to be the best lawyer once you start practicing.

I love learning through stories and anecdotes, and this book is full of them. There are many great tips throughout the book, and three of my favorites include “Thrill is gone” (page 26) where Harlan relays his father’s advice for tough times, “Slowing down and saving time” (page 85) where Harlan gives his advice for how slowing down can improve your career and life in numerous ways, and “Fight for your right!” (page 107) where Harlan uses the story of Rocky Balboa to explain how fighting the good fight is not necessarily about fighting for your client, it’s about fighting for you.

If you’re thinking about going to law school and becoming a lawyer, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

If you’re already a lawyer and are looking for ways to improve your mindset and practice, you should read this book.

If you know someone who is a lawyer who could use a shot in the arm–a pick-me-up to get them back on track–get them this book!

After you read Three Degrees of Law, post your comments below. I’d love to hear what you thought of it and if there were stories and anecdotes that you particularly enjoyed.