Top Ten Mistakes That Law School Applicants Make: #7

pens-coloredThis post continues our 10-part series of posts on the Top Ten Mistakes That Law School Applicants Make.

The #7 Top Ten Mistake That Law School Applicants Make every year is…

Imagine for a moment that you are an admissions officer at your top law school. And imagine for a moment that I’m an applicant to your school.

When you read my personal statement, you notice that there are five typos on it. Five typos in just two pages of text.

What are you going to think of me?

You know what you’re going to think.

You’re going to think I’m sloppy. Lazy. A bad writer. All negative things.

And that’s just my personal statement. What if you find typos on my resume and addendum as well?

Game over.

I’d have to have some pretty high numbers for you to still want to let me in.

Don’t put yourself in this situation. Get at least two eagle-eyed friends, colleagues, or classmates to proofread every single one of your application materials.

If you want to make sure they find every mistake, tell them you’ll pay them a dollar for every mistake they find. That’s right–one dollar per mistake. That’ll motivate them and you!

Take time to make sure your application materials are stellar before turning them in. The difference between okay and stellar could mean the difference between an admit and a no.

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