Law School Spotlight: Visiting Law Schools

CandiesI’ve been visiting law schools for the past decade.

It’s high time I started recording what I thought of them.

Thus begins my new blog post series: Law School Spotlight!

I am completely biased in my assessment of law schools.

I evaluate law schools as if I were someone who might want to go there.

Like choosing your favorite candy, your preferences are completely personal to you. And they should be.

Here’s what I look at when I visit a law school.

  • Location: I like cities. I grew up in suburbia and it turns me off. I am also not a country or a rural person, but that doesn’t mean I won’t visit schools that reside in the suburbs or in the country–I will.
  • Weather: I like temperate weather–not too hot and not too cold. I like having seasons, just not extreme ones. I’m sensitive to the weather and so, I will definitely be commenting on that.
  • Environment: I like friendly, genuine people in friendly places. I notice what kind of “vibe” I get from a school and I will note how welcoming and helpful the admissions staff, faculty and students are (or aren’t).
  • Aesthetics: I love beautiful, well-designed things, buildings and cities. They make me feel motivated, taken care of, ready to take on the world. It’s hard for me to study, work or live in an ugly place. Thus, I will describe the aesthetics of each school that I visit.
  • Career Services: As a former career counselor, I’m a big believer in fully funding career services and alumni relations at a law school. Just ask any USC grad and you’ll understand how important it is to put money and resources into the staff and departments that help your students and graduates find jobs.
  • Demographics: As an Asian-American woman (Taiwanese-American to be exact), I like being in a place where I see some people who look like me. Furthermore, I like to see as much variation as possible in looks, income, styles and backgrounds. For me, the more cultures and ethnicities that are represented at a school, the better.

It’s fine if you don’t assess law schools in the same way that I do.

We are individuals. We aren’t going to think exactly same way.

I hope that by sharing with you what I notice at each law school that it will cause you to think more about your own preferences.

Was there something I noticed at a school that matches what you like? If so, take some time to research that school to see if you want to add it to your potentials list.

Was there something I noticed at a school that turns you off? If yes, note that and do some research to see if you want to take that school off your list.

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Candy shop photo by Michael Strock.

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    • I want to visit UT Austin! I’ve never been but I’ve heard so many good things about the place. If I go, will you give me a tour?

  1. Of course I will! I find the campus to be a bit underwhelming, but certain areas are really nice!

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