I don’t think I could have navigated the law school application process without Peg. I not only ended up with a great personal statement, I also received wonderful advice on life and law school.

When the Teacher is Ready,
the Student Appears

I’m so glad I decided to work with Peg. Her knowledge and experience, combined with her straightforward and encouraging attitude, made her a great source of support. Her advice helped me bring out the best of myself in each of my statements. Peg also showed a level of attentiveness that I probably would not have found working with anyone else. The quality of help Peg offers is unbeatable because she truly cares about the people she works with. Thank you so much, Peg!

-- Alison, Harvard Law School

Peg helped me through my application process every step of the way. Once I started thinking about and drafting my personal statement, I found Peg’s guidance, insights, and expertise to be unmatched and I regularly came to her for help in refining my drafts as I much preferred her invaluable assistance over others who claimed they had years of experience in the same field. When all was said and done in my application process, I had my choice from 14 schools. I even received a full ride scholarship offer based entirely on an essay I wrote using the skills I learned from Peg. Bottom line: Peg possesses unmatched skills in her field coupled with a legitimate and heartfelt interest in her students that is difficult to find anywhere.

-- Jeff, University of Chicago Law School

I don’t think I could have navigated the law school application process without Peg. I not only ended up with a great personal statement, I also received wonderful advice on life and law school. After working with Peg, I decided to wait for a later application cycle than originally planned to be sure of my decision to attend law school and to have the time to put forth a strong application. Because of this, I am now at my dream law school at the right time in my life, confident in my choice, and excited to be there. I’m really thankful for Peg’s expertise, empathy, and innate talent for understanding people. I highly recommend her help to anyone at any stage of the law school application process.

-- Alison, NYU School of Law

Peg helped me distill what was unique about my background and experiences, and refine my ideas to create a compelling personal statement. I was very pleased with my final statement, and it served me well. I had multiple hand-written notes on acceptance letters saying how much admissions officials enjoyed my personal statement. Thanks, Peg!

-- Heather, George Washington University Law School

Peg not only helped me identify and reflect upon the life experiences which made me a unique candidate for law school, but she was also an invaluable resource while I was translating those ideas into thoughtful, well-written personal and diversity statements. Both statements exemplified the very best of my abilities, and that is thanks to Peg’s expertise, advice, and support. Thanks so much, Peg!

-- Sharae, NYU School of Law

My personal statement was the deciding factor in my acceptance at USC Law and I have Peg to thank for it. Peg helped me find a topic for my statement that I did not even realize existed. She was able to look at my life and find interesting elements that I had simply overlooked and deemed irrelevant. She genuinely cared and wanted to see me get into the best law school possible. I was lucky to have Peg advise me and anyone with the opportunity to work with Peg will not be disappointed. Thanks, Peg!

-- Erin, USC Law School

I had a marvelous time working with Peg. I liked that she pushed me and hounded me when I dropped the ball and was slow getting my revised essays back to her. The process of applying to law school can be frustrating and challenging. Peg was a great sounding board during these times. She helped me through the challenging times and she was a great listener when I simply needed to vent. Peg is also invested in how you do. She wants to know not just where you got in, but also how your goals and decisions are evolving and changing. She has years of clients and experiences to help you decide what’s going to be right for you. If you’re ready to work hard and make the best law school application you can, you should go with Peg.

-- Doug, University of Washington School of Law

I don’t know what I would have done without Peg’s assistance and guidance. She helped me to find my voice and write about something that I was passionate about, but more than that, she taught me how to write in a way that makes admissions officers take a second look. She always replied to my emails promptly and completely, and took the time to talk to me over the phone when I was out of the state and could not make it to meet with her in person. Every time I sent her a draft of my personal statement I knew that I was going to get that draft back with thoughtful and constructive comments. For Peg this is not a job, this is a passion, and it shows in everything that she does. I was blessed to have her help with my personal statement and know that her help made a big difference in my choice of schools and scholarship options.

-- Alison, USC Law School

My LSAT score was good, but I knew I needed some help if I was going to get into my top schools. I had met Peg once before and was blown away by her knowledge, honesty, and willingness to help. I decided to hire her even though I was apprehensive about the price. Let me say that it was worth every dollar! Peg was with me every step of the way and worked her tail off helping me edit multiple personal statements. She gave me advice on which schools to look into and even talked to a few school representatives about my specific situation. There is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have gotten into as many schools without Peg’s help. The price of her services was nothing compared to the scholarships I received! I recommend Peg to anyone and everyone who is planning on going to law school.

-- David, UC Irvine School of Law

Deciding to work with Peg as my prelaw consultant was one of the smartest moves I have ever made. Peg goes above and beyond for her clients. She helped turn the daunting and stressful law school application process into a manageable and, dare I say, rewarding experience! I truly would have been lost in a sea of confusion without Peg’s guidance and support. Whenever I would get overwhelmed or anxious while working on the various components of my applications, Peg was always there to put everything into perspective, ease my worries, and steer me towards the right path. She is completely committed to helping her clients achieve their goals, and that is exactly what she did for me. I can say with total confidence that I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without Peg. She taught me everything I needed to know in order to create a law school application that I was proud and confident of. I am forever grateful for all that Peg did to help me succeed.

-- Sara, University of Washington School of Law

Peg helped me with my personal statement, taking it from what I thought was good, to a statement I didn’t even know I was possible of crafting. Her book on resumes was exceptionally helpful, as I felt I had an odd resume unlike most pre-law students. After working step by step through it, I wasn’t even able to see that my final resume was similar to the original except for the base information available. Peg also encouraged me to write a diversity statement, an addendum about my lower numbers, and to really go all out on my application. Peg illustrated why some things that seemed non-applicable to me really were applicable. I now stand by her statement that there truly is no optional part of an application. I ended up applying to over 20 schools, which most law school calculators told me I would be rejected from; however, I was confident that I would gain admission into at least one of them with Peg’s help. In the end, I was admitted to all but two schools. Additionally, Peg’s guidance helped me snag a fantastic school where I will be attending with NEXT TO ZERO DEBT with no family assistance or savings. The investment I made in Peg is one that has provided the greatest return out of any I’ve ever made. If I had to do it all over again, I would immediately go back to Peg because there was not one wasted word, minute, or penny in what I received. Not only did I receive assistance in my application, but Peg truly continues to care far beyond the mere assistance she was hired for. She even checked in with me during the summer to offer tips, advice, and kind words about my upcoming 1L year. There is one person I could not have done this without: Peg Cheng the PreLaw Guru.

-- Travis, University of Texas School of Law

Peg was invaluable during the application process. Before working with Peg, my personal statement was anything but personal. She took the time to get to know me and what I care about. Her experience combined with her sincerity gave me the courage I needed to write an impactful personal statement. Her edits are thoughtful, thorough, and always timely. Peg is truly an expert in helping students submit their best applications and I strongly recommend her services to anyone applying to law school. She is, unequivocally, the best!

-- Adrienne, University of Colorado Law School

When I began the application process, I got lost pretty easily. There were so many things to consider including deadlines, financial aid, essays, etc. I didn’t even know where to start looking to determine which schools I wanted to apply to. Peg helped clear everything up. I've known her for more than two years now, and every time we’ve met she has so much to share. I walk away each time with a clearer understanding of what I want in law schools and how to get it. I've grown so much as a person working with her. Peg’s the only reason I was accepted into University of Minnesota with a scholarship. Throughout the application process, the only people I truly trusted were my parents and Peg Cheng.

-- Sukhneet, University of Minnesota Law School

As someone who would self-describe as a very "normal" law school candidate, I had no idea what I was going to write about for my personal statement. I didn’t think I had anything to say in an essay that would make me stand out as an applicant to my schools. Peg, however, believed differently. She helped me choose a topic that I would never have thought to come up with on my own, and helped me develop an awesome personal statement that told a great story about myself, my life, and my ability to succeed in law school. Not only did Peg help me through every step of the personal statement writing process, she also helped me decide which schools I was going to apply to, gave me advice about filling out my applications, provided me tips for attending law fairs, and helped me evaluate each school I was accepted to. Working with Peg is like working with both a mentor and a close friend. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but she genuinely cares about all of her clients and will do whatever she can to help them succeed.

-- Melanie, University of Washington School of Law

When I received my LSAT score, I knew gaining admission to a top law school was going to be a tremendous feat, if not nearly impossible. But I knew that I had great life and work experiences and excellent grades, so I turned to Peg to help me present those facets of my application in the best possible light. Peg offered me invaluable insight while I was preparing both my resume and personal statement. She took the time to read and re-read over my many drafts, helped me decide where to apply for law school, and even suggested that I ask for application fee waivers, which saved me a lot of money. In the end, I am grateful for her expertise, patience, and genuine desire to see me succeed and to realize my goal of becoming an attorney. I will be attending the University of Minnesota Law School with a $20,000 scholarship!

-- Johnny, University of Minnesota Law School

I came to our first meeting with 10 different drafts, and through many conversations with Peg, I was able to define my unique background into one well-written personal statement. Peg is an amazing listener and truly understands how to bring out the best message for each individual in their personal statement. She not only is able to guide you through your writing process, but also helps with the entire application process from choosing the right schools to apply to, as well as which addenda to write and send in with your application. Because of her support and advice, I received many acceptance letters along with multiple scholarships and grants. If you want to send in the best version of your application, Peg is the person to go to.

-- Jenna, University of Washington School of Law

Peg has reached far beyond mere academic assistance—she has been my guide and my one stable and consistent person which I’ve trusted wholeheartedly throughout this process. After just one meeting, I knew Peg was someone who would be capable of bringing out my potential not only with my personal statement, but with the many components associated with all my applications. Peg listened more than she spoke. She was always eager to help my own ideas flow onto the page while still incorporating ideas of her own; not the other way around. I’ve gone through a lot in my life but nothing compared to the stress, anxiety, and worries I faced in applying to law school. It was Peg’s assistance that made it all manageable. I can honestly say Peg is one out of a handful of people in my life that have helped get me to where I am today. I would recommend Peg for anyone even considering law school. As I begin law school at the University of Maryland (which is where I wanted to be from the beginning), I look back and realize that what I thought was a fading hope, but that Peg saw as a realistic goal, is now a reality I get to experience.

-- Ray, University of Maryland School of Law

Peg is amazing! After getting my LSAT results, I knew I was going to need a strong personal statement if I wanted to get into a good law school. Rather than giving me the same generic advice I’d found in the how-to manuals, Peg took the time to get to know me, to look at my background and application comprehensively, and to identify the specific tasks that my personal statement would have to accomplish to be competitive. Aside from being smart, competent, creative and insightful, Peg is a joy to work with and a wonderful teacher. She was able to make a daunting process fun and uplifting, and her patience is to die for! Whether we were brainstorming about which story to use or working to revive the casual written voice I had lost as an undergrad, Peg was in my corner every step of the way. Thank you, Peg, for all of your guidance and support, and for helping me fulfill my dream to become an attorney!

-- Travis, University of Washington School of Law

When I decided that I wanted to become an attorney, I reached out to Peg because I was aware of her strong track record advising pre-law students at the University of Washington. Later, when I began brainstorming ideas for a personal statement and diversity statement, Peg pushed me to dig deep and mine valuable nuggets of my experience as an immigrant and first generation college graduate. She helped me to recognize that I had an original story to tell that would enrich a law school student body and the legal profession. Peg was responsive and attentive throughout the drafting and editing process, and provided meticulous, insightful, and thorough comments and edits on the drafts I submitted and via phone consultation. What I admire and appreciate most about Peg is that she not only understands you as a client and prospective law student, but prides herself as a caring mentor who willingly shares advice from her life and professional experience. Thank you, Peg, for helping me to realize my goal and I look forward to staying in touch.

-- D.L., Brooklyn Law School

I had thought that I could navigate law school applications alone, but after I attended a free lecture by Peg at my school, I knew I could not have been more wrong. Peg was an entirely invaluable resource in my application process. She has been both a teacher and a friend and the depth of her knowledge brought out the best of me in all of my materials. I cannot stress enough what Peg’s insightful, honest, and caring advice has meant to me, and I cannot overemphasize the value of Peg’s mentorship.

-- Chris, University of San Diego School of Law

With Peg’s help I was able to navigate the entire law school application process, from questions surrounding the LSAT to making acceptance letter decisions. What I thought was going to be a harrowing, frustrating process, turned out to be smooth sailing and enjoyable. Her advice and assistance with refining my personal statements and resume allowed me to submit the absolute best application I could. I absolutely recommend Peg’s help. Working with her was exactly the right step for helping me get to the place where I want to be. Thank you, Peg!!

-- Kirstin, Seattle University School of Law

Peg worked on understanding me as a person. She figured out my quirks, my eccentricities, my unique traits—traits that would help me stand out to a law school. We went over various anecdotes, childhood stories, college accomplishments, and my own philosophy on life. She then helped me bundle these facets of myself into a coherent and presentable paper. She checked in on me and showed genuine care and compassion for my success. While I made the personal choice to postpone law school, I was accepted into schools that had LSAT and GPA requirements above my personal scores. I have no doubt Peg played a huge role in my acceptances.

-- Simon, admitted to UC Davis School of Law

Peg is my mentor, advisor, and teacher. I go to her whenever I need advice and help because I trust her knowledge and her ability to help her clients create the best application for law school. The application process can sometimes be overwhelming, but Peg made it a more organized and hopeful process for me. I believe that Peg can help any law school applicant find that unique story because she truly believes that every person has one. She helped me create an outstanding personal statement that highlights my unique story, strengths, and diverse background. The Assistant Dean at one of the law schools I was admitted to even wrote me a handwritten note saying, "I found your personal statement to be compelling! I hope to be able to welcome you into our law community..." Thank you so much, Peg!

-- Jamie, Seattle University School of Law

As gaining admission to top law schools becomes increasingly competitive and more and more students apply with nearly identical academic backgrounds, a thoughtful, well crafted and illuminating personal statement can truly mean the difference between admission and denial. With Peg’s direction and influence, my generic and stale first draft statement was transformed into a well-written and engaging final product which highlighted many of my personal attributes that could not be found elsewhere in the application. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that my personal statement played a significant role not just in my being admitted to numerous schools, but also being awarded many significant scholarships. I further have no doubt that without Peg, my personal statement would at best have been no benefit to my application packets, and at worst would have worked against me.

-- Brett, admitted to University of Minnesota Law School, University of Washington School of Law, University of Wisconsin Law School & Indiana University School of Law

In the months of preparation leading up to applying to law school, one of the smartest things I did was to work with Peg. She is a patient listener and had the unique ability to help me see myself in ways that I couldn’t before. With her guidance, I found that I had a compelling message to write about in my personal statement. Her depth of experience and professionalism helped me navigate through the entire murky process with confidence. Her quiet strength kept me on track when I started to doubt myself. Peg has been my coach, cheerleader and friend. It was a long race and Peg helped me cross the finish line, making my goal a reality. I highly recommend Peg to anybody that is planning to apply to law school. Thank you, Peg!

-- Jerry, Seattle University School of Law

When I started applying to law school, it was incredibly overwhelming. Looking back, it is hard for me to imagine tackling the challenges of the complicated application process without Peg. Any time I had a question, she gave me a quick answer via email, Skype, or text message, making the process a lot less stressful. Peg helped me turn my personal statement into a story that truly represented me and who I am. It was very personal and her ideas, guidance, and editing skills were vital to the end result. She helped me put my best foot forward. When all was said and done, I got accepted to 8 law schools. After discussing my options with Peg, I felt very confident and excited about my final choice.

-- Elizabeth, Penn State Law

After doing extensive research online, I found Peg Cheng. After our first meeting, I knew she was the consultant that I had been desperately looking for. She made me feel very comfortable. Peg put a lot of effort in getting to know who I was as a person and what stories I had to tell of my life. Through an organized process, including months of writing and revising, I wrote several statements, addenda, and a resume that I was satisfied with. During this time, I discussed with Peg almost everything--from the law schools that I was considering, to the personal hardships that I was going through. With her positive energy, thoughtfulness and professionalism, I felt I always had an advisor to go to. It meant a lot to me, and like I always tell Peg, I couldn’t have done it without her.

-- Jane, Seattle University School of Law

Go to Peg. Without any more thought, go to Peg. She is a great teacher, but an even better listener. Often times I would go to her and just vent about my life and my law school dreams. She gave me a plan to study for the LSAT and a plan to write my personal statement. Peg helped me every step of the way, assuring me that with hard work and dedication, I could get into the law school of my choice. Another thing I love about Peg is her honesty. When I brought her the first draft of my personal statement, she told me it was weak. I appreciated her willingness to tell me the truth. We then talked about ways to make it stronger and we brainstormed themes that could bring out my true personality and why I wanted to go back home for law school. Revising was tough, but Peg made it manageable. Starting the law school application process can be quite daunting, but Peg will help you find your way. She is knowledgeable, insightful, caring and honest. Go to her!

-- Nick, University of New Mexico School of Law

Peg is truly unique in her ability to empathize, establish relationships, and reach a very broad range of students from diverse backgrounds. Her six-week personal statement course was an amazing learning experience during which I received invaluable instruction, support, and encouragement. Peg is a good listener and has a great deal of experience, knowledge and expertise in not only helping her clients write personal statements, but also in the law school application process itself. I am very thankful that throughout the time that we have been working together, often at a great cost to her own time, Peg continued to provide help, advice and to insist on a high level of performance from me. I feel both fortunate and privileged to have someone like Peg in my life. I hold Peg in very high regard and therefore can confidently recommend her to other people.

-- Boris, Seattle University School of Law

Thanks to Peg, I was able to craft the best possible personal and diversity statements, both of which I’m still very proud of today. Peg helped me to effectively articulate who I am within the tight confines of the word and page limits. As an adviser, mentor, and friend, Peg engaged me in deep personal conversations which helped to tease out what truly sets me apart as an individual. I really appreciated and enjoyed working with someone experienced and passionately committed to bringing my law school application to life. However, the benefits of my interaction with Peg extend beyond the personal and diversity statements—I came away with a more confident feeling that I knew myself better.

-- Hoshi, Lewis & Clark Law School

The great thing about working with Peg is that she helps you bring out the intangible traits you are searching for and put them on paper. If it wasn’t for her help, I wouldn't have been accepted to as many schools as I was. She knows what schools are looking for and with all of her years of experience can help you best maximize what you have to offer so that they see it in your application. Through our conversations and edits, Peg was able to help me see past the filler and become more than a name but an individual with unique characteristics that schools wanted to have.

-- Albert, Seattle University School of Law

Peg was fantastic to work with! She has the perfect balance of people skills, humility, and intelligence. Prior to enlisting her help, I was feeling quite overwhelmed. She was able to calm my nerves and give thoughtful advice to improve my personal statement. I would highly recommend Peg to anyone looking for help on the law school application process. Peg is simply the best, and I feel very fortunate to have found her on a Google search!

-- Dave, William Mitchell College of Law

An amazing resource for all things law school, Peg helped me to craft my unique story into a real, well-articulated personal statement. Her precise attention to detail and constructive criticism made all the difference in my resume and application. The numerous edits and re-writes that Peg looked over helped so much to ensure that there were zero errors in my application. I recommend anyone going through the journey that is law school admissions to seriously consider using Peg and her wonderful services.

-- Mackenzie, Seattle University School of Law

Peg helped me create a personal statement that was not only written well but that showcased my best attributes as a person. The first thing Peg told me when she read my personal statement was that it was not personal. It took me a moment to realize how very generic the experiences I had chosen to share really were. Peg helped me pinpoint which of my characteristics would make me an excellent candidate for law school and eventually a competent attorney. I then focused on experiences and stories that best illustrated who I was and what I had to offer. Peg really took the time to get to know me and to find the best story for me to tell. She edited each draft meticulously and offered nothing but constructive criticism. After working with Peg, I was confident that my application represented me, my life, and my accomplishments in the best possible way. It was a wonderful experience and one that I feel directly impacted the schools I was offered admission to and the scholarships I received.

-- Alysha, Gonzaga University School of Law

Peg is an amazing resource for any law school applicant. From offering tips about resume content and formatting, to unlocking my inspiration for my personal statement, Peg really helped smooth the application process and gave me confidence that my applications were perfectly in order and would be exactly what my schools were looking for. Peg is a great conversationalist and asks all the right questions to get you started in a good direction. She helped me to realize that I have my own strengths and unique stories as a person and that these could all be incorporated into a cohesive, interesting personal statement. It was not easy for me to identify which of my experiences and personality traits would be of interest, and what would mark me as a strong candidate, but Peg helped me to recognize and portray them to the best of my ability.

-- Mika, Seattle University School of Law

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